Our caped hero, destroyer of WebComicBattle.com

A brief history of Awesome

Awesomecomic is what started this mess, but it disappeared for a while. After coming to life in 2004 Awesomecomic.biz quickly began mocking user-posted discussion threads on the IGN.com Community Board.

A handful of users bothered to click the links I would occasionally spam the forum with and support slowly grew to the point where one of my comics, the first hand-drawn Awesomecomic (shown above) destroyed the WebComicBattle.com site, where the comic reigned as awesome for three months before the site was hacked and taken down by a user who wanted his comic to dethrone Awesomecomic. The site never returned. Hilarity.

Time passed, Facebook ruined blogs and forums, and Awesomecomic disappeared for long stretches. Occasionally I’d find something funny and spit out a strip, spam my Facebook friends and Twitter with it, and then forget about it. Most of the original comics were lost.

After spewing out a few more strips more often, the comic found its way to a new home, and name, Failosophy.com. As the header states, “new comics every whenever I make one” so don’t expect consistency. In fact I don’t expect anyone to read this except for maybe a handful of people including Merlin, Matt, Aaron, Johnny and Myke.

The clipart is just placeholder art, as it was always intended to be, but I can’t draw. So… enjoy.

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